Did you brush your teeth?

Thank you for lunch.


The cat plays a game, but the mouse dies.


I still don't know what Adlai meant.

Louie is afraid to go out at night.

This sentence of death, which, they tell us, was thus passed upon Adam, must either have meant dying naturally, that is, ceasing to live, or have meant what these mythologists call damnation.

Do it yourself and do it right away.

Her health has been declining these past few months.

I'm sure he'll like it.

There's little merit in asking him for help.

You can use this pen.

I have no idea why I was chosen.

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I have to see it!


Benjamin begged Suyog not to tell his parents about what had happened.

I think we'll tag along.

Kerry had a puzzled look on his face.

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Hopefully, Phiroze will change his mind.

"Do you have sugar in your tea?" "No way. I'll just have straight tea."

It's unusually ugly.

I'm glad I'm done.

Alexander knows what he wants to say.

How can you afford a place like this?

You'd better hurry up if you want to get home before dark.


The decision is yours.

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I love this language.


I'll talk to Pravin about it.

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I'll certainly talk to her.

For a time, things were peaceful.

She declined the invitation.


Knute really cares about this stuff, doesn't he?

Do you know how to operate this machine?

Sometimes Tony visited his family.


I want to go to town.


I feel like someone is watching us.

How were you the first one to arrive?

Dan was very upset and emotional.

Lenny likes to watch other people play tennis.

I threw it out.

Daniel arrived in Boston less than three weeks ago.

This is rather expensive.

What did I forget to say?

I used to think James was cute.

If they had offered you the job, would you have accepted it?

No, Charley, that's too dangerous!


This really blew my mind.


I know what they are.

Jussi's a bully, just like John is.

Enter the room at once.

I can't walk any further.

After half-time the home team slowed the pace of the game.

Do you want to go out?

Tiefenthal is unsettled.

Barry Taylor's name was put forward for the position of president.

Leith said he didn't know Carole's phone number.

Man is God by his faculty for thought.

What if every day were Saturday?

You're the most fantastic person of my life.

It's upstairs.

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Turn around.

The second test is a great improvement on the first.

Seeing red clouds at sunset makes me feel a profound sadness.

Have you begun studying French?

Her hair was a mess.


I should get back to the hotel now.

Dylan put the food on the table and told everyone to start eating.

It's an awesome house.


You can make your own.


Jelske is fitted to become a businessman.

It's a complicated story.

We know about daily events through the newspapers.

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He made a move on her.


It was 36 degrees in Boston today.

Everyone's there.

Miriamne continued pacing.


Walt is now somewhere in Australia.

His application was rejected.

Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?

Do you remember the first time I came here?

Are you planning on staying long in Berlin?


Sally wouldn't lie to Erwin.

Mann and his friends are playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement.

I know how Saul feels about Rakhal.

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You won't be happy there.

We want to hear everything.

The farm abuts on the road.

Where is the Romanian embassy?

The black telephone costs more than the white.

The future generations will not forgive any of you.

Eileen looks a little pale.

I could be a suspect.

Are you having dinner?

Wilson didn't understand what was going on.

I'm going to call for help.

How many liters of water did you use to dilute the acid in the test tube?

He knew little about the people.

He's stupid.

I didn't know that.

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This restaurant lives up to all the rave reviews it got.


I feel like dancing.

Wow, you catch on quick.

What do you mean, why don't I ever say it?

I've got to be somewhere.

What time shall I come?

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Caroline is a science teacher and so am I.


This book is Tony's.


I must sell my house.

But how can they do this?

Maybe they came for something else.

My name is Yatarou.

Was Saify on drugs?

Ragnar is a few years younger than I am.

He was in a funny mood today.

Kee wrapped a towel around her hair.

She's cruel.

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China developed very quickly.


I wish you a beautiful weekend!

It is aptly said that illness starts from the mind.

I thought you wanted to get out of here.

Bela Lugosi acted in several films.

I'll live with the consequences.

Many English proverbs are collected in this book.

His joke killed me.

I'd rather work than go out.

They might not notice that Pria isn't here.

She lied about her age.

I told Reid to tell you that.

It fills it up way too fast!

Jackie Chan is a star of Hong Kong cinema.

There's something special about this place.

I'd like to introduce my good friend Luis.

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We've got some people working on it.

These shoes don't fit anymore.

I don't think that we should do that.


You always say the same thing.

When he came to, he was tied to a chair in the basement.

Let's watch something else.

You must do better than that.

Kyu worked as a babysitter when she was a teenager.

His failure has nothing to do with me.

Close the safe.


I can't figure out the reason why Johan did it.

I gave Hui Briggs's phone number.

Does anyone know what it means to die of thirst in front of the sea?

Saturn has rings.

Has Jingbai promised to help us?

Why are you in Boston?

Elaine is Julian's youngest sister.

I don't care who's responsible.

Johnny usually fishes off the dock, but sometimes he fishes from the shore.

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Hank seems startled.


Stop making a fool of yourself.

I didn't actually want to go to college.

It costs too much.


Did you keep your appointment?

I forgot my medications.

We expect good results.

I've been wondering about that all day.

I'm taking a book.

Can you help us find him?

I hope he isn't ill.

As soon as the door opened, they ran away.

I want to talk about them.

He started gardening after his retirement.

I wish Liz didn't already have a girlfriend.